RuntimeError: [Open3D ERROR] GLFW Error: WGL: Failed to make context current: The requested transformation operation is not supported

Upon using some simple visualization code, I get the error as stated in the title.
Although the window and my point cloud show up, it throws a runtime error if I play around with the point cloud to analyse it.

This problem did not persist before

mesh_axes = o3d.geometry.TriangleMesh.create_coordinate_frame(size=0.5, origin=[0,0,0])
pcd_bbox = pcd.get_axis_aligned_bounding_box()

vis = o3d.visualization.Visualizer()
vis.create_window(window_name=‘3D’, visible=True)

I have also noticed that this problem occurs with open3d== and not with open3d==

Hi There,

I wish this was an answer but it is just a confirmation that I too am getting the same error. When I rotate the pointcloud a little bit it crashes with that error.

If anyone else has figured this out. Please let us know.


Hello Again,

After a bit of searching I found this post:

You have to run your development environment with your dedicated graphics card (NVDIA etc.).