open3d.pipelines.integration.TSDFVolume,integrate using PCD!

The current API doesnot supports PointCloud for open3d.pipelines.integration.TSDFVolume.integrate.

Usually, we have the Extrinsics of cameras before the Volumetric integration, so there is no need to do the depth to Pcd generation again, which is just time-consumming duplicate mostly.

Reading the C++ code, it only needs to add one interface function. Please add it in the next version.

Hello Heejune, I am new to the open3d library but it seems that you are trying to do something similar to me, as I am trying to calculate volumes (and also areas) from camera inputs. I thought point cloud generation was the first step to get to then process the information from them and get to the goals. I would appreciate it if you can comment on this and/or share some code snippets to have a better understanding of the required functions - if possible. Thanks!