ICP registration

the function open3d.registration.registration_icp has the parameter max_correspondence_distance which is used as a threshold , I do not know its meaning, what range of values it takes or should takes. does it depend between images ? how can I set up the best value ?

thanks everyone.


According to this github issue, the max_correspondance_distance corresponds to : the maximum distance in which the search tried to find a correspondence for each point.

So I think the value really depends on the scale and the expected distance of your volumes. In case you’re not sure, I think having a higher threshold would help the ICP converge. For example, I’m registering two large point clouds that are placed at a large distance one from another, so I decided to set the threshold to the distance between the mean points of my point clouds, assuring that the ICP will converge. So far, it seems to work okay.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

oh, thanks you a lot. I´m going to try it! . So, are you using some fuction like ‘compute_point_cloud_distance’ to compute the distance between source and target and then use as threshold the mean of distance ?