How to plot pcd AND/OR predictions using open3d

I have used the KITTI velodyne xxxxxx.bin sequences as inputs to a NN model.
This model outputs semantic class predictions for each input LIDAR point.
I have converted the x.bin into pcd.
I can plot the pcd.points and attribute(prediction_labels) in pptk.
I would like to do the same in open3d. That is I would like to create a plot of the class predictions that exist for each LIDAR point (i.e. predictions corresponding to each pcd.point)
I can plot the pcd points via: open3d.visualization.draw_geomoetries([pcd]) but I do not know how to plot the corresponding predictions.

In pptk I do:

    v = pptk.viewer(pnts)

Is there a way of doing something similar in Open3D?
Thanks, Jon (brand new Open3D and pptk newbie)