Error when trying to translate voxelgrid


I’ve a voxel grid that I’m trying to translate through the space, but when I’m trying to do this I get this error:
[Open3D Error] (class open3d::geometry::VoxelGrid &__cdecl open3d::geometry::VoxelGrid::Translate(const class Eigen::Matrix<double,3,1,0,3,1> &,bool)) D:\a\Open3D\Open3D\cpp\open3d\geometry\VoxelGrid.cpp:119: Not implemented

The documentation says that it is possible to translate voxel grids. See here:

What am I doing wrong? See the code here:

obj1 ="../models/test/obj/test.obj") obj1_voxelgrid = o3d.geometry.VoxelGrid.create_from_triangle_mesh(obj1, voxel_size=0.05) obj1_voxelgrid.translate((1, 0, 0))