Current Status of Open3D and GUI (PyQT etc.)

Hey all,

for a study project we strive do develop a 3D-Engine with Open3D as our core 3D & 3D-visualization tool. Therefore we would like to use a GUI Framework like PYQT and integrate the Open3D vizualizer window, so that both are wrapped in a single application. I haven’t found a way to get the Open3D vizualizer window to work with PyQT so far. I’ve seen that there is a GUI branch on the GitHub project and in an issue someone says that GUI Framework integration is a thing that is worked on.

I’d like to know what integrations for which frameworks are planned and when we can (approx) expect a first version that we can work it (preferably also with example :smile: )?

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We are working on immigrating to Google Filament ( Hopefully a standalone app will be released soon.