Transformation matrix explanation


I am facing a problem with the registration matrix. I have two point clouds in x,y,z coordinate system (EPSG 3067). After ICP registration I obtain a transformation matrix but the values are quite different than I expected. Is it a regular afinne matrix?

example of point cloud coordinates:
5.96917297e+05 6.79044786e+06 4.97850000e+01
5.96918194e+05 6.79044737e+06 4.97840000e+01

Obtained transformation matrix:
[[ 9.99952402e-01 -8.97248864e-03 -3.83257661e-03 6.09562735e+04]
[ 8.90181572e-03 9.99796999e-01 -1.80753609e-02 -3.93292059e+03]
[ 3.99397956e-03 1.80403837e-02 9.99829282e-01 -1.24927959e+05]
[ 0.00000000e+00 0.00000000e+00 0.00000000e+00 1.00000000e+00]]

My goal is to extract from this matrix the exact values of x,y, shift in meters. I will be thankful for any advice.


This is a conventional transformation matrix:
[R | t]
[0 | 1]
If you mean merely translation between point clouds, the first 3 rows of the last column is the answer.

That was my idea too, but I know quite sure move of 6 095 meters in X direction is really untrue. From manual measurement I obtained value about 2 meters. Also the change -124 927 meters in Z is quite strange. It should be about 150 m.