Texture projection to mesh


thank you very much for the wonderful library. It helps me a lot.
I know it might be impossible, but, is it possible to do texture projection given an image (texture), camera position, and mesh using open3D’s visualization method? It is like the camera is acting like a projector and project the image (texture) on to the mesh.
It is something similar with meshlab’s raster-to-geometry projection function but I have to automate this process. Can open3D do this raster-to-geometry projection?

For easier understanding, it’s like this:

Thank you,

Hi, we have colormap optimization that is doing a similar job: http://www.open3d.org/docs/release/tutorial/Advanced/color_map_optimization.html
The drawback is that we optimize vertex colors instead of a texture map, which means you need to input a very dense mesh.