Storing 3D models in a specific format

Hi guys, I was recently working on a project and I just came across Open3d.
Basically I just have some queries related to this so that I can use Open3D as a tool for my project.

My requirements are as below, can anyone suggest if it would be possible with Open3D as a tool?

  1. Scan an object with textures, consider a rubics cube (I was thinking of getting Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 for this purpose)
  2. Construct a 3d model of that
  3. Store that 3d model in a proper format, like .obj, .gltf (I have to project that object as an AR object in an android app)

Sounds like you want to use the Reconstruction System in Open3D.

You can use the Realsense camera to capture your cube in point cloud format, and then use the rolling ball pivoting algorithm (From StackOverflow) to create a mesh.

Then you can save the mesh to one of the formats listed in this table (which includes .obj).

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