Set orientation for TriangleMesh

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am visualizing a coordinate frame as a TriangleMesh object, created with o3d.geometry.TriangleMesh.create_coordinate_frame().

As the pose computations come from an external library, I am trying to directly set the frame attributes. In the open3d library, I have found only rigid transform methods, and no setting methods, e.g. setPosition(p) and setOrientation(R).

I have managed to workaround on the frame position by using

frame.translate((x, y, z), relative=False)

The relative=False argument allows setting position with respect to (w.r.t.) the origin coordinate frame.

However, for the orientation, I have not found a similar approach using the library.
A possible workaround is to retrieve the frameโ€™s current orientation, perform a rotation^-1 to align the frame w.r.t. the origin frame, and finally rotating it again accordingly to my current orientation. This method generates overhead transformations and is not the most precise for my application.

I appreciate any help with this matter.

Best regards!