Registration problem

Hello all

I am using the basic multiway registration script and I am having a hard time getting good results. Most likely due to misinterpretation of the open3D API. So I was wondering if someone could help me to get a more desired result.

My baseline is what I can do in meshlab;

So in Meshlab I am able to use the align tool (without any manual intervention) to align several point clouds (4) together to a coherent result.

No manipulations:



Anyway I need something that is programmable and runnable on a server without me clicking around in a GUI. So I tried to achieve the same result in Open3D but I am having a hard time. As far as I understood I need multi-way registration for this as explained in the tutorial;

After running the code:

As far as I could see the only real variables are:

voxel_size = 1
max_correspondence_distance_coarse = voxel_size * 1.5
max_correspondence_distance_fine = voxel_size * 0.15

Could someone enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong? (Or have any further suggestions?)

( I had the meshlab results in here as images, but I am not allowed to post more than 1 image …)