Python vs. C++ API

Hello There,

I am a beginner/intermediate C++ programmer, I can get around python a little bit but I prefer C++.

It seems the open3D tutorials are primarily written for python with some C++ examples. I find myself reading the python tutorials and searching for the C++ equivalent functions in the C++ API.

Should I bite the bullet and start writing my code in python? I’ll have to learn both the python syntax and open3D functionality simultaneously which will be frustrating and time consuming. On the other hand it is difficult to lean the open3D functionality directly from the C++ API and example set, as there are no comments or explanation of what each block of code is doing.

Looking forward to community suggestions.


Our library is designed to be python first, so we do put more effort into maintaining the python tutorials. We may provide some C++ counterparts for Python examples, but that is now with a lower priority. Trust me, python will make your life easier, it is worth learning.

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Hi theNded,

Thanks for the recommendation. I have started playing around with the python API and you are right it is very clean syntax. However, the intelliSense / linter does not work at all for python.

I have compiled from source and followed the recommendations here, but to no avail: z

I have also posted on this forum but thought I would respond to your msg for quicker review.

I hope someone on this forum can help me and others.