Poisson surface reconstruction has random behavior

Hi there,

The mesh created from a point cloud using the create_from_point_cloud_poisson method seems to behave randomly. For instance, given a point cloud object pcd, running the following code in Python:

meshes = [o3d.geometry.TriangleMesh.create_from_point_cloud_poisson(pcd, depth=8, width=0, scale=1.1, linear_fit=False)[0] for i in range(10)]

produces 10 different meshes (it can be seen that they have slightly different vertices). I am running open3d version and Python 3.6.9, but I could reproduce the same issue in C++.

Is there a way to avoid this randomness? I was thinking that maybe the function create_from_point_cloud_poisson uses some random number generator. Would it then be possible to force the random number generator to use a fixed seed?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I can confirm that I am also noticing this issue. Could somebody please provide some feedback on this issue?
Many thanks in advance.

Never mind - found here -> https://github.com/intel-isl/Open3D/issues/2117