Pointcloud from RGBD does not work!

Hi There,

I am following the RGBDImage tutorial. I would like to display a pointcloud of RGBD images that I have taken with my Intel RealSense D435i camera.

What are the units for the focal length parameters of o3d.camera.pinHoleCameraIntrisic()?

  • fx ( float ) – X-axis focal length ?
  • fy ( float ) – Y-axis focal length ?

The focal length of my camera (intelRealSense D435i) is 1.88mm but that value outputs basically a flat pointcloud.

Also bonus question,

how do I display/print the PinHoleCameraIntrinsicParamers.PrimeSenseDefault?

Thank you for your help.


I think I worked out that the the focal length units should also be in pixels. But still the pointcloud that it’s outputting is augmented.

Does anyone else have this issue? Or know why this is happening?


I believe you should set depth_unit if it is a scale problem. If it is a deformation, then it is about the calibration matrix.