Pcd to pcl coversion


I’m trying to convert .pcd to .ply using the library. Is there a standard function as it is for PCL?


Just read and write would work:

pcd = o3d.io.read_point_cloud(filename.pcd)
o3d.io.write_point_cloud(filename.ply, pcd)


Thanks for that but when I try to use the examples/Python/Basic/mesh.py I get the following error

    Painting the mesh
[Open3D WARNING] [SimpleShaderForTriangleMesh] Binding failed with empty triangle mesh.
[Open3D WARNING] [SimpleShaderForTriangleMesh] Binding failed when preparing data.
[Open3D WARNING] [SimpleShaderForTriangleMesh] Something is wrong in compiling or binding.

Any idea why?