[Open3D][ARCore] Camera extrinsics


I am trying to generate triangle mesh using the open3d::integration::ScalableTSDFVolume on an Android phone.

My application invoke open3d::integration::ScalableTSDFVolume::Integrate with following arguments:

void Integrate(const geometry::RGBDImage &image, // RGB-D image from Android ARCore
const camera::PinholeCameraIntrinsic &intrinsic, // Camera intrinsic from ARCore
const Eigen::Matrix4d &extrinsic) // Camera extrinsic as a column-major homogenous transformation matrix, as used by OpenGL (provided by ARCore)

After this step, open3d::integration::ScalableTSDFVolume::volume_units_ is always empty. I assume that the camera extrinsic is not transformed as expected by Open3D.

Has anyone experience with applying the correct transformation to input ARCore extrinsic to Open3d integration? Any help is highly appreciated.