Measure an object height in point cloud

I am a student in robotic. Recently, my thesis project need to measure a 3d print object height. I use a realsense L515 camera get point cloud data and transform the point cloud in world coordinate. I wonder if there is some method to measure the object height in point cloud automatically. The current method is to import the point cloud data in Rhino and measure the height manually.
Thanks a lot.

Maybe there is already a function implemented but if not, you could open your point cloud file where you have the x,y,z coordinate on three columns. Then you could check where are the points with the highest z value (therefore on one of the two tops).
In the image it seems that there are 2 outliers (yellow and brown point) you could remove those outliers and assess the max high or automatize it by checking the frequency of the highest point and select the z coordinate that got the bigger frequency.
Hope it help,

hello…Did you transform to world coordinates using the depth_scale factor? Actually I’m working on the volume reconstruction of a slaughtered pork piece and I’ve a problem with this conversion, because I don’t know what scalar factor for the depth scale I must to use.