Make mesh watertight


I have an STL file which is not watertight. I would like to make it watertight so I can asses the CoM and the InertiaMatrix.

Firstly I uploaded the mesh and I converted it to numpy, then to point clouds and then use this tutorial to try to reconstruct it as a watertight mesh.

But I get an error and it does not work. Could anyone point me in the good direction please?

The code is as follows:

        pcd = o3d.geometry.PointCloud()
        pcd.points = o3d.utility.Vector3dVector(tibiaDataNP)"testinggggg.ply", pcd)
        poisson_mesh = o3d.geometry.TriangleMesh.create_from_point_cloud_poisson(pcd, depth=8, width=0, scale=1.1, linear_fit=False)[0]
        bbox = pcd.get_axis_aligned_bounding_box()
        p_mesh_crop = poisson_mesh.crop(bbox)"output_testinggggg.ply", dec_mesh)

And the error message I get is: “ValueError: vector too long”.

Any help is much apreciated.

I am assuming this forum is not active any more since there are no replies…

I have solved my problem after I shifted to using the VTK library. Their forum is still active and they give support.