How to save voxel data

Hi All,

I created voxelgrid from Lidar point cloud data by (open3d.geometry.VoxelGrid.create_from_point_cloud).

My task is to save this voxel data in file by ( and open it by some Viewers(ex. CloudCompare).

pointcloud =‘pointcloud.ply’)
voxel = open3d.geometry.VoxelGrid.create_from_point_cloud(pointcloud, voxel_size=5)‘voxelfile.***’, voxel)

What file extension I can use?(I woud like to know what is *** ↑)
I searched for it and nothing came up.
(I found out that I can use .ply . However, it is saved as pointcloud or mesh, not Voxel. )

I really appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.

I’ve the same problem. Can you notify me when you found something?