How is it going for GPU support?

Hello, thanks for the great work on Open3D. I am a little unclear as to whether GPU support is currently implemented or not, can anybody clarify if it is there as yet ? If not, is there a target time frame or release for when it is expected?
Many thanks all.
Charles F Radley

Hi @charlesfradley and welcome.

The GPU support is being rolled out incrementally. Right now we have a nice Tensor library that works for CPU and GPU. You can check out our progress here:

The full migration of Open3D to GPU will still take several months. Our plan is to focus on a specific pipeline/application in each sprint. The target for the next sprint is to add GPU support for Machine learning related operations, such as: converting from Open3D data to TF and Pytorch tensors. Serving 3D geometry operators to TF and Pytorch, etc.

Hope this helps.