[gui branch] BRDF, custom materials


I would like to use the recent commit on gui branch that introduced pbr materials (svBRDF) and from what I found - DisneyBRDF model (with Filament pbr rendering) is used, is this correct? If that’s the case, using the .mtl extension (http://exocortex.com/blog/extending_wavefront_mtl_to_support_pbr) texture maps for base, roughness and metallic parameters can be provided, but it seems that the reflectance parameter is not used when pbr material is parsed from .mtl. Could it be that I’m missing something because in defaultLit.mat file, value for reflectance is provided, which agrees with Filament standard lit model parameters.

Could you please tell me if parameter map for reflectance can actually be loaded or if when loading custom materials some model other than DisneyBRDF is used?