Getting Coordinate of Point at a Specific Pixel Without Mouse Click

I need to be able to get the XYZ coordinate of a point that is being drawn at an arbitrary pixel in the visualizer. For example, let’s say I load a point cloud into the visualizer with a window of 100 x 100 pixels, at pixel (25, 25) I want to get the point that is being drawn there and get the XYZ coordinate of that point e.g. (300, 34, 58).

I see in the docs in the Interactive Visualization there is an example method for something similar called pick_points(), but it requires a human to use their mouse to click on pixels in the image.
I want basically this same functionality, but to be done automatically without the human mouse clicks.

Investigating the above function I found in the C++ code that there is this method called PickPoint within the VisualizerWithEditing class.

Is there a python binding of this method I can call directly? That might solve my issue.