Errors in opening .bag file

Good morning!
i m tryng to open a .bag file with the code reported on the website (here reported for clarity)

import open3d as o3d

bag_reader =
im_rgbd = bag_reader.next_frame()
while not bag_reader.is_eof():
# process im_rgbd.depth and im_rgbd.color
im_rgbd = bag_reader.next_frame()


while it works with the example when I change the filename to a bag recorded by d4351i by intel it shows two kinds of error opening different files:

  • [Open3D Error] (class open3d::t::geometry::RGBDImage __cdecl open3d::t::io::RSBagReader::NextFrame(void)) D:\a\Open3D\Open3D\cpp\open3d\t\io\sensor\realsense\RSBagReader.cpp:187: Null file handler. Please call Open().

  • [Open3D Error] (class Json::Value __cdecl open3d::t::io::RealSenseSensorConfig::GetMetadataJson(const class rs2::pipeline_profile &)) D:\a\Open3D\Open3D\cpp\open3d\t\io\sensor\realsense\RealSenseSensorConfig.cpp:281: Different frame rates for color ({} fps) and depth (90 fps) streams is not supported.

when i open them on real sense viewer they open correctly

thank you very much in advance for your help