Color map optimization using with a PCD

HI All,

There is a great tutorial to optimise the color map for RGBD files, and from depth and colour images:

Is it possible to do this when you already have a PCD?

The key command in that tutorial is:

o3d.pipelines.color_map.color_map_optimization(mesh, rgbd_images, camera, option)

Is it possible to supply a PCD file?


Hi All,

I just wanted to re-iterate that this would be a very useful capability.
There are some tasks that I can do on-line real-time with out robot.
Creating a PCD is one of those, and it is efficient to do so.

If we could then optimise the colour map efficiently of that PCD …without the overhead of conversion back to a depth map and colour image, it would be very helpful.

If you know how to do this, I’d greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for the great software!