Changing view point in C++

Hi everybody,
I want to change the view point of the visualizer in C++, but it does not work and I am running out of ideas why that is. No matter what I set front_, lookat_ or up_ to, it doesn’t change the view in the visualizer window. Here is a minimal toy example:

	// Create Visualizer and point cloud
    open3d::visualization::Visualizer vis;
    std::vector<Eigen::Vector3d> points = std::vector<Eigen::Vector3d>();
    for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
        auto tmp = Eigen::Vector3d(rand() % 100, rand() % 100, rand() % 100);
    open3d::geometry::PointCloud point_cloud = open3d::geometry::PointCloud(points);
    std::shared_ptr<open3d::geometry::PointCloud> cloud_ptr = std::make_shared<open3d::geometry::PointCloud>(point_cloud);

	// Change view
    open3d::visualization::ViewControl view_control = vis.GetViewControl();
    auto view_params = open3d::visualization::ViewParameters();
    view_params.front_ = Eigen::Vector3d(15, 30, 0);
    view_params.lookat_ = Eigen::Vector3d(2, 5, -0.3);
    view_params.up_ = Eigen::Vector3d(4, -1, 0);

    while (true)

I can not find any examples of this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

best regards!

The thing is that all examples are in python, so what you have to do is to pick te python code and github research in pybind for back end function in c++. long process but you will learn, in fact i just start open3D and this is what i m doing

Are your camera parameters correct? Unless you want to manually set every camera parameter what you should to do is visualize some data and in the visualizer save the [pinhole] camera parameters to a .json file first. Then load those camera parameters and change the ones you want.