Can't locate tutorial files?

Big noob question but I am having trouble locating the tutorial files after installing open3d. I am sure that open3d is installed and can be imported and used but I am trying to run the file which is supposedly in lib/Tutorial/Basic according to getting started but I cannot find this file or really any directory related to open3d. for some reason.

I have looked in lib of root directory, usr/lib, var/lib, and in /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/open3d but I cannot find any sign of it. Can anyone help with this?

I installed with pip/python 3.6 on a windows computer with ubuntu terminal

The usual practice is that you install the library via pip, and clone the repo for the examples… I agree this could be improved…

Thank you! That could be improved… or at least the step should be in the getting started

I’ve gotten it installed and repo cloned, as well as dependencies installed. But I am getting this error when I try and run the file.

File “”, line 14, in
rgbd_image = o3d.geometry.RGBDImage.create_from_color_and_depth(
AttributeError: type object ‘open3d.open3d.geometry.RGBDImage’ has no attribute ‘create_from_color_and_depth’